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  • Maxine Hayter

World Cup Silly!

Does anyone else think this has- so far- been one of the nicest World Cup events in recent memory?

England doing well. Panama being thrilled with their only goal ever scored at a World Cup.

Japan and Senegal tidying up after their match (and you can’t help but feel a little sorry for Senegal now, after the “fair play” rule).

If you're young (or not so young) family members are sports crazy- why not get them a blind showcasing their passion?

We can print hi-res photos and (non- copyrighted) images onto roller blinds, venetian blinds, even vertical blinds? It might even encourage them to go to bed when they should, and stay in bed until a sensible hour #pipedream; and what wonderful memories they will have of their own personalised blind.

Pop along to the showroom, with your approx. window sizes, and lets’ see what we can create?

#personalisedblinds #worldcup2018 #fifaworldcup2018