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  • Maxine Hayter

Drawn To The Dark Side

Buying a curtain pole serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.

A  good quality, well- fitted curtain pole provides support for hanging curtains, ensuring they open and close smoothly. With a wealth of choice for style, materials and finishes, the right pole choice will enhance décor and tie together the overall look of a room.

Drawn To The Dark Side - dark coloured curtain poles

Our latest range offers contemporary style, and more than a touch of elegance and sophistication. With a choice of seven finial styles, six bracket options to suit your space, these 35mm diameter pole are available in silver, black, or white.

You can choose a standard glider for traditional curtain headings, or the more modern Ripple heading, for that clean fold and stack back.


The other beauty of this pole range is the operation- either hand draw or motorised for ultimate comfort. With multiple motor options available, these can be mains power or battery powered; remote control or app control, and the right Hub will allow you to preset movement when you are away from home for complete peace of mind.

Eclectics Poles - Motorised and Hand Drawn Curtain Systems


Why not book a showroom visit and talk to us about curtain poles?

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