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  • Maxine Hayter

Summer. We're nearly there...

British Summertime begins at 2.00am Sunday 27th March this year.

Be honest, most of us cannot wait for it to arrive.

Summer Sun - Curtains and Blinds

Longer Days and Lighter Evenings

Longer days, lighter evenings, the promise of warmth from the sun- it always makes people feel better; but it can play havoc with your sleep pattern.

If you are beginning to worry about waking up early or interrupted rest, think about your bedroom window coverings. Do they block out enough light? Do they leak light around the edges? Do they reduce external noise- bird song at 4am every morning is only enjoyable if you are an ornithologist!

Little Changes, Huge Impact

Little changes can be a huge impact- the right blind behind an existing pair of curtains can dramatically improve light ingress and noise reduction. A pair of blackout lined curtains in front of an existing roller blind can help your child sleep longer, without having to change the blinds.

Simply changing a curtain pole for a curtain rail sits a pair of curtains closer to the wall, and reduces that “halo” effect of glowing edges.

Visit Our Showroom

To find out more about how we can help you rest, why not book an appointment to visit our showroom?. Visits can be booked in advance to make sure of entry and plan around your schedule. You have the showroom to yourself, uninterrupted advice on hand, and a relaxing environment to discuss your thoughts. Contact the showroom NOW to book your place in-store. Appointments are available Wed/ Thurs/ Fri 10am- 8pm, Sat 10am- 4pm



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