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Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are one of the most successful blinds to hit the market in the last 40 years. Available as a single or double layer, pleated blinds can be made to suit almost any window system, with multiple control options to fit in with the window aesthetic and your personal preferences.


Double layer (or cellular) pleated blinds offer excellent insulation, noise reduction and room darkening properties. Their honeycomb construction that makes them soft, durable, and highly energy efficient. Unlike single pleat fabrics, you cannot see the cords running through the fabrics when they are closed.


Single pleat blinds feature crisp, pleated fabrics in an extensive selection of colours and styles, including lovely weaves, elegant patterns, and rich, appealing textures.


Pleated blinds offer excellent coverage, with minimal gaps at edges, making them idea for bay window and bedrooms.

What to consider?


What am I covering?

These blinds suit windows, doors, bifold doors, gable ends and shaped windows.


Why am I covering it?

There can be multiple reasons- privacy, insulation, light control, home working space… think about what you wish to achieve.


Is it easy to reach?

If you have furniture in front of a window or the window is out of reach, you may wish to consider motorisation.


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Want to know more?

For more information, to chat about your requirements and options and for a ballpark estimate, please visit our showroom or call us - click here for directions and contact info.


Bring the approx width and height of each window you wish to cover, and we can go through all your options, showing samples and pictures. For a bay window, bring the width of each bay window aspect, along with the height

This is solely to help you budget. All quotes are subject to a full site survey. All prices given include our measure-&-fit service

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