Pleated Blinds


  • Pleated blinds come in two styles - single pleat and cellular.

  • Cellular blinds feature a unique honeycomb construction that makes them soft, durable, and highly energy efficient.

  • Single pleat blinds feature crisp, pleated fabrics in an extensive selection of colours and styles, including lovely weaves, elegant patterns, and rich, appealing textures.


  • Can be cord and motorised.

  • The built-in insulating characteristics help keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter, making them ideal for conservatory roofs and sides

  • Are ideal solutions for bi-fold, skylight, tilt & turn windows, and doors, as they can be fixed top and bottom


  • Available in an extensive colour range and a wide variety of sheer, opaque and dimout fabrics.

  • Pleated blinds offer some of the best solutions for windows of most every size, shape, and situation

What next?

For a ballpark figure of how much pleated blinds for your room could cost, please visit our showroom or call us on 0114 236 3100.