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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Shutters are perfect for controlling light levels and privacy, which makes them the ideal way to cover windows and providing a perceived security for your home.


Easy to maintain, child safe, and proven to add value to a property, shutters tick all the boxes; and with a multitude of material choices and finishes, your shutters can be as unique as you are.


Shutters are ideal for bay windows or flat alike.


Ideal for insulation, shutters can keep the heat where you want it. On cold days, they can reduce heat loss by up to 62%

​What to consider?


Style of shutter?

The most popular styles are:

  • Full height for a simple yet beautiful effect which covers the entire height of the window.

  • Cafe style is fitted to the lower part of the window, allowing the light in above while providing privacy at the same time.

  • Tier on tier uses two sets of shutters - one to cover the bottom half, and the other to cover the top half. It allows greater control over light and privacy. Each panel set opens independently of the other.

  • Shaped shutters

  • Tracked shutters are ideal for overly wide and/ or tall window spaces. A discreet track system ensures the panels glide effortlessly, allowing you easy and clear access to your glazing or door.


Which material?

As Luxaflex Gallery Dealers, we offer their superb Faux Wood range of shutters. Faux Wood offers excellent energy efficiency, flame retardancy and resistant to the damaging effect of moisture, making them particularly ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and wetrooms. Unlike MDF, this material has a lovely eggshell like finish, better mimicking a painted wood effect; all backed up with a 5yr guarantee.


We also offer real wood, MDF and combinations of materials, all aimed to suit your window size, window shape and budget.

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Want to know more?

For more information, to chat about your requirements and options and for a ballpark estimate, please visit our showroom or call us - click here for directions and contact info.


Bring the approx width and height of each window you wish to cover, and we can go through all your options, showing samples and pictures. For a bay window, bring the width of each bay window aspect, along with the height

This is solely to help you budget. All quotes are subject to a full site survey. All prices given include our measure-&-fit service

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