Plantation Shutters

We are Partner Stockists for S:Craft shutters - perfect for  controlling light levels and privacy, which makes them the ideal way to cover large windows and providing additional security for your home. Easy to maintain, child safe, and proven to add value to a property, shutters tick all the boxes; and with a multitude of wood choices and finishes, your shutters can be as unique as you are. S:Craft shutters are ideal for bay windows.

As Gallery Dealers for Luxaflex, we also offer their full range of interior wood shutters.

We are one of a limited number of retailer across the UK, who offer the Luxaflex Faux Wood range of shutters. Faux Wood offers you light control and privacy and child safety (no cords), like all other shutter materials; add to that excellent energy efficiency, flame retardancy and resistant to the damaging effect of moisture, making them particularly ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and wetrooms. Unlike MDF, this material has a lovely eggshell like finish, better mimicking a painted wood effect; all backed up with a 10yr guarantee.

We also offer the Luxaflex Vinyl range of shutters as an alternate to wood. Offering everything that a painted wood shutter offers, they are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and are manufactured in the UK. They also come with a 25 year guarantee. 


What to consider?

  • Styles: Full height for a simple yet beautiful effect which covers the entire height of the window.

  • Cafe style: This style of Shutter adds a continental feel to your home. It is fitted to the bottom half of the window, allowing the light in while providing privacy at the same time.

  • Tier on tier: Using two sets of Shutters at your window - one to cover the bottom half, and the other to cover the top half - allows even greater control over light and privacy. Each set opens independently of the other so you can admire your view or shut out the rest of the world, depending upon your mood.


What next?

For a ballpark figure of how much a shutter for your room could cost, please visit our showroom or call us.

We will need to know the width and height of your space, if it is a bay window and whether you have  any material preference?

This is solely to help you budget. All quotes are subject to a full site survey. Prices given include measure-&-fit service.