Curtain Poles

Curtain Poles are an ideal way to emphasise the decoration of your window. Poles are available in wood, metal and acrylic and a wide range of finishes and diameters. There are prices to suit all budgets, ranging from made-to-measure hand finished bay window poles to pre-packaged straight poles. Factor in the choice of corded, un-corded or motorised and you can pretty much have your own unique choice for your home.


What to consider?

  • Width of window

  • Straight window or bay window

  • Weight of curtains

  • Finish of pole

  • Style of Finial

  • Curtain heading type

  • Are you going to install it yourself?

  • Budget

What next?

If you would like a ballpark figure of how much a curtain pole for your window(s) could cost, please visit our showroom or call us on 0114 236 3100.