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  • Maxine Hayter

Garden Party Ideas

As the Jubilee weekend approaches and almost heralds the beginning of summer, once again thoughts turn to the weather, and social gatherings with family and friends.

The line between in-door and outdoor entertaining is becoming more blurred, as the penchant for bi-fold doors allows for you to sweep away a wall and open up your home, and everyone is getting smarter with their technology- speakers for outdoor tunes, water features that change colour, even outdoor film screens and projectors.

Luxaflex Awnings

An awning can help bridge the gap, offering sunshade on the hottest days, shelter when the air brings a chill, and even a little protection when the breeze carries excess moisture (“that fine rain that soaks you through”)

An awning also retracts away when not in use- no need to wrestle with a parasol at the beginning and end of every summer season, no need to manhandle it around the garden trying to shade everyone.

Luxaflex Awnings at Bespoke Blinds and Poles

Motorise an awning for ease of opening/ closing, and you also get a wind sensor, which takes responsibility for rewinding if the wind picks up. Lights to extend the evenings, heaters to extend your season- everyone can enjoy their garden a little more throughout the warmer months.

If you are wondering whether an awning will work for you (and, to be frank, how much will it cost), get in touch. 6 quick questions, and (in most cases) we can provide an estimate immediately.



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