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  • Maxine Hayter

Door to Door

We’ve blogged before about insect screens, and their benefits (here and here)

Insect screens are constantly gaining in popularity, as our warmer, damper summers create a breeding ground for our friends the flying insects. Take a look at a recent news article about the bumper midge hatch alert here… but be warned, it’s not pleasant!

But when is a door not a door?

Insect screens are constantly gaining in popularity.
Insect screens are constantly gaining in popularity.

Gone are the days when a door was a single panel, hinged wooden affair. Now we have patio, French, conservatory, sliding; and of course- bi-fold, plus many more (remember stable doors?).

Nothing is standard any more, and indeed, a bifold door could effectively be infinitely wide and tall, depending on your space, and frame material

We can help.

We have three main door screens systems, which - between them - will cover any width from 91cm //36inches wide up to 7m wide as standard, and up to 12m if you need it.

Height wise, we can cover standard door heights (around 213cm/ 84inches, but can be less) up to 4.8m height

You give us the dimensions, we’ll give you an option.



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