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  • Maxine Hayter

Halt! Friend or Foe?

Halt! Friend or foe, you’re not coming in.

Summer. Blue skies, barbecues, open windows and doors… and insects.

However many legs they have, winged or not, silent or buzzsaw… the one thing most people agree on is- we don’t want them in our homes.

Here at Bespoke Blinds & Poles, we work closely with Phantom Fly Screens in Peterborough, the specialist in insect screens.

We can supply a solution that will allow your window or door, leaving the screen closed to stop the pesky critters coming indoors.

The standard screens are of aluminium frame construction, allowing it to be installed internally or externally, depending how your window/ door opens; plus the frame can be finished to any RAL code colour to match your frames. If you are on a budget, the PressFit system is white PVC frame, for internal use only.

For more information, contact the showroom with your approx. aperture sizes, and let’s see if we can help you enjoy these hot summer nights. We also have samples in the showroom for you to try.

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