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  • Maxine Hayter

Screen Show

The increasing popularity of homeworking, the installation of bifold doors, sliding doors and garden offices, the changing seasons. All these reasons and more mean we are using our home space completely differently to what we were as little as 5yrs ago.

It also means we are more aware than ever of how we need to create the right environment indoors and, unfortunately, that environment doesn’t include our little buzzy friends.

Insect screens offer a great solution, allowing for ventilation, glare reduction, UV reduction (to protect your interior furnishings and floors) and an almost invisible presence when closed. Ideal for working, relaxing, and sleeping.

Bi-fold Door Screens

In the standard ranges, the aluminium frame system offers multiple colours to match your frame colour, with a standard 18/14 black mesh, or the finer 20/30 mesh (aka “midge mesh” in Scotland). The aluminium frames are fully weatherproof, allowing them to be fixed internally or externally, to suit your window/ door opening action; and whilst enforcing a “strictly no entry” policy for flies and wasps, the mesh is designed to leave the guide tracks if accidently pushed (or barged through by a dog - looks sternly at our two Border Terriers!), quickly returning and operating as normal

For a slightly more budget friendly option, internal fix white uPVC frames with an 18/16 mesh are also available (limited sizes)

Window Screens

So whether you have a patio/ bifold/ sliding doors, a window, or a garden office space, we can help you make the most of it throughout the year.



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