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  • Maxine Hayter

Keep The Noise Down

It may be because we are in British Summer Time, and the birds are being… well, birds.

It may be because you face a busy road.

It may be that you are a very light sleeper.

Silent Gliss 5600 With Colorama
Silent Gliss 5600 With Colorama

Whatever the reasons (and you don’t need one), we are being asked more and more about noise- reducing window products: something (anything) that will reduce the noise ingress into your bedroom (or any other room)

Good room acoustics can help prevent stress, improve communication and reduce tiredness


Whether it be curtains or blinds you are looking for, we have a solution.


If you like facts and figures, we offer several blind and curtain ranges from Silent Gliss, which have proven acoustic properties. Luxaflex have multiple roller blinds fabric that offer upto 60% noise absorption (testing in accordance EN ISO 11656)


Don’t care about the figures, you just need help?!

Look at what you have at your windows. Layering is a great way to reduce noise ingress:


  • If you have curtains, add a blind behind

  • If you only have a blind, add another better blind, and/ or add a pair of well fitted, well- lined curtains; or change the blind you have for one that has multiple layers and covers more of the window/ less gaps

  • If you don’t want a blind, make sure your curtains are well fitted, and have good blackout and/ or inter- lining


Why not get in touch and see how we can help?



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