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  • Maxine Hayter

Blinds or Curtains?

Bespoke Blinds and Poles - Blinds or Curtains
Should I buy blinds or curtains?

We offer ranges of blinds and curtains; and therefore we are often asked whether someone should buy blinds or curtains? In a perfect world, of course, my suggestion would be to buy both! In all honesty, there is no right or wrong answer - your personal style is the key to the answer here. But, as we are asked, I’ve given it some thought, and here are some of them:

What to consider

Curtains have a depth to them- anything from 20-30cm from wall to front of gather (depending on the fabric, heading, lining, plus pole or track projection). Outside a recess that is space being taken up in your room. Inside a recess the stack of that fabric is always sat in the space, reducing light and glazing. Blinds cannot go as wide as curtains as one product; blinds can sometimes be seen as more functional than styled (I disagree, but there we are).

Consider how you will reach the shading- both blinds and curtains can be motorised for ease of use.


If you have plenty of space at either side of a window or door, curtains offer a lovely frame to that space when they’re open. If you are limited for space either side, or in front- blinds sit further back into the space, and create a feeling of space. Likewise, if your window is obstructed by something (sofa, desk etc)- a blind may be easier to operate, and you don’t have to bring the obstruction forward to allow for the curtain behind it. Too high to reach - same principles, but add in motorisation for ease of use.

Bay windows

Similar to the above- if you have plenty of space in the bay, curtains really suit the space; in general curtains look better to the floor or at least past the window sill, so remember you will have to accommodate bringing forward the rail/ pole to clear your sills. Blinds sit back at the window, so create a feeling of space, and some blinds will allow you to keep the use of your windowsill (depending on its depth). Again, with both options consider how you will operate the dressing, especially if you have furniture in the bay space

Very narrow windows

A tricky one, because you may jump to the conclusion that blinds are the best solution; but you have to factor in the width and the height of the space- not all blinds can do thin and tall combined. You can either come outside the recess onto the wall, or a single curtain will offer the same solution.

Very wide windows

This one depends on where you are prepared to compromise: all blinds have a maximum width, plus a maximum square meterage combination. Don’t want multiple blinds in the space? In some cases, your solution may be curtains

As always they are just points to consider. What do you think?



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