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  • Maxine Hayter

Healthy Living - Homestyle-wise

A long- known, but little discussed aspect of our lives is how our home and workspace can affect our wellbeing- both physically and mentally.

Healthy Living Through Colour

Thankfully that is beginning to change, as architects and designers recognise the impact inhabited spaces can have on us. Ironically, a lot of this started in workplaces- productivity and costs through absenteeism/ staff turnover has been consistently linked to interior workspace. Money talks.

As our home space becomes more used more often (working from home, less socialising), maybe it’s time you looked at how you can make small changes to a better outlook on life?

In this occasional blog series, we’re going to try and make suggestions that are not necessarily about window coverings, but more general, budget friendly (where possible), and easy to achieve.

Obviously, if you’ve met us, you will know we are not psychologists- and we will be using several sources to pull these points together. We’ll link where possible

The first point to consider is colour.

A consistent theme is to look to nature for inspiration. Invariably, most minds will have gone to green, but natures shows us all colours: think blue skies, warm sunshine (yellows), fruits and berries (oranges/ reds) as a quick example; and they are not one block colour- think about how many shades of green appear in a woodland, a forest, a single tree.

Ironically, with grey being such a popular colour trend at the moment, it’s technically not a “colour”- it’s a tone, and works very well to “tone down” bright, bold colours.

Grey being such a popular colour trend.

In terms of what colour is for you, consider what the space is for- is it a place to relax, or to work, or to play? Which direction does the main aspect face (light will have an impact on then finished result)? And, never forget- what colour(s) do you instinctively like? It’s all well and good being told that you need to add black to your space, but if the shadow effect fills you with dread, why would you?

What’s your favourite colour, and why? Let us know.



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