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  • Maxine Hayter

Spring Cleaning- It’s Time

It’s the time of year when everyone wants to refresh and revitalise- emotionally and physically.

Of course, you can always buy your way to it, but if your furnishings are newish, you love them, or your budget is for other things, there are many ways to refresh your existing home.

Blinds and Curtains

It is dependent on the type of blind you have. In general, try and avoid adding moisture to fabric blinds. Roman blinds, roller blinds, day/ night blinds, curtains- they can be brushed with a soft bristle brush, they can be vacuumed with the soft bristle tool on your cleaner; if you are careful, you can drop the blind, hold the bottom of it and give it a gentle shake. Ideally, do this regularly to prevent dust sitting on it for long periods of time. We don’t recommend washing curtains if your linings are sewn-in, as the lining fabric has a different shrinkage rate to the curtain fabric, and it may result in bagging, ir the lining showing below the curtain hem

Vertical blind fabrics can sometimes be washed, depending on the fabric make-up. If the fabric is suitable for washing, remove all weights. Chains and hangers, roll each slat up, and place in a lingerie wash bag; a gentle 30 degree/woollen/ hand wash on your washing machine is often gentler than hand washing.

Pleated and cellular blinds can be treated the same way, but the fabric is slightly sturdier, so you can spot clean any splashes or marks with minimal moisture, a lint- free cloth, and a very gentle dye- free surfactant (think travel wash or environmentally friendly detergent)

Shutters, wood venetian blinds and metal venetian blinds can be dusted or wiped with a lightly damp cloth. If you have cloth tapes on your blinds, think of that as fabric and avoid getting it too wet. No, there is no easier way to clean a venetian blind; no, we do not recommend dumping it in a bath and hanging out side on the washing line; yes, metal venetian blinds can be frustrating to clean, as there are so many slats and they bend at the ends; no, we don’t believe the fluffy tools you can buy are effective.

Fabric blinds (roller, pleated, roman, vertical, day/ night) can be vacuumed down with the brush attachment on your cleaner, if there are deeper marks than that, you can gently wipe with a lint- free cloth. A little colourless detergent/ travel wash and minimum water may lift more stubborn stains, but remember- fabric will react to harsh handling. Be gentle

Curtain Rails/ Poles

Wipe down regularly to avoid dust build-up. If your curtains have started to stick when drawing, unhook them from your rail, pole, spray the leading edge rings/ gliders with silicone (not furniture polish or WD40!) and push them backwards/ forwards to push the silicone along the rail/ pole. Re-hang your curtains and enjoy


Clean down hardware with a non- abrasive cleaner, make sure your awning fabric is dry, and get up there on your (safely opened and positioned) ladders, with a stiff bristle brush and have at it.

These are our tips and hints, but you may have some we have missed or not thought of. If you do, please do let us know in the comments section



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