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  • Maxine Hayter

How Safe Are Your Blinds?

If you have purchased blinds from us in the last few years, you will know we have talked to you about supplying/ installing and maintaining blinds to meet Child Safety guidelines, which were introduced nearly 8years ago (although we have been talking about it for much longer than that).

All blinds purchased since 2014 should have complied with details child safety requirements, to ensure loops in cords/ chains are as safe as possible, or even removed (there is at least one cord/ chain free option available on new blinds for every type of blind)

Blind Safety For Children

But.. what if you have moved into your new home and there are existing blinds? What if you have blinds older than 8yrs old?

There are several simple, easy, checks you can make to ensure your home is as safe as possible; and as Easter approaches, and children are going to be home for two straight weeks, now is a great time for a quick safety audit.

The main consideration is the control mechanism- if it is a cord or chain control, it needs to be kept out of reach of children to avoid any accidents with the loop.

  • If a chain, you can add chain- break connectors that will break apart when undue pressure is added, but can be reconnected after the danger has passed.

  • Cord/ Chain tidies and tensioners can be fixed to a flat surface, to keep the operating cords/chains taught and out of reach if shortened.

  • Cleats can be fixed to a flat surface to ensure any loose cords (or over lengthened cords if a blind is lifted up) can be wrapped safely out of the way.

Alongside the above, consider the following:

  • Move beds, cots, highchairs and playpens away from window covering cords and chains

  • Make sure all cords and chains are secured out of reach of babies and children.

  • Do not tie cords or chains together.

  • Make sure cords and chains do not twist together to make a loop.

  • Move furniture away from window covering cords and chains- children just love to climb!

Small changes which, when combined, can make a huge difference.

Make It Safe Logo

If you have concerns, or want some devices for your home, please contact us - we give them away for free. You just need to know which ones you want (in particular the chain connectors are specific to the chain, and we may direct you back to your original supplier for safety, if these are your preference).

For more information on new blind control options, or what you can do to improve safety, get in touch, visit, and/or ask us to post out/ email you a leaflet.



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