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  • Maxine Hayter

New Range of Blinds

New Range of Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Faux Wood Albaro Venetian Blind
Faux Wood Albaro Venetian Blind

Faux Wood is a polymer/ pvc which imitates the look of real wood. Ideal for humid rooms, or larger blinds (less weight), it is usually sold as a cheap cut-down style of blind (not made to measure), and is prone to warping, mechanism issues and is generally is a poor quality product.

We are thrilled to offer this popular product as a full made-to-measure venetian blind. The Albaro range from S:Craft comes in a range of 17 colours, including the popular grey palette. Available with decorative tapes and a newly designed headrail, we expect this product to offer an excellent closing mechanism.

We don't have one on display at the moment (in line with everyone else, it is held up in the backlog), but if it is something that piques your interest, we can let you know when it arrives.

A colour sample kit will be in the showroom when we re-open, and we can send out a general information leaflet by email now.

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