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  • Maxine Hayter

Step Back from the Light, Embrace the Dark

Glorious Lighter Mornings and Evenings

The clocks change for British Summer Time on 27th March 2022. And, just like that… lighter mornings and evenings. Glorious.

Unless you:

  • Have young children

  • Work shifts

  • Are a light sleeper

Light ingress when you are trying to sleep can cause a major headache. As the Sleep Foundation puts it Sleep is an essential function

Black Out Blinds For Lighter Days and Nights

Black Out Blinds For A Good Night's Sleep

Blackout blinds and curtains offer the opportunity for a good night’s sleep, and more- the thicker fabrics/ extra layers mean external noise can be lessened, and better insulation.

“Blackout” is a generic term often used for different products that darken a room, and some products offer better result than others, depending on how much light you need to block.

The key is to consider your own optimum dark/ quiet/ warmth for resting and sleeping, and then come see us. Ideally in the day- we’re asleep at night!

Book An Appointment

If you want to view our new ranges of roller and vertical blinds, don’t forget the showroom continues to operate “by appointment only” to ensure a safe environment for our customers.

Visits can be booked in advance to make sure of entry. You will have the showroom to yourself, to ensure maximum spacing and attention.

Contact the showroom NOW to book your place in-store. Appointments are available Wed/ Thurs/ Fri 10am- 8pm, Sat 10am- 4pm



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