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  • Maxine Hayter

Meet the New Arrangements...

...Same as the Old Arrangements.

After the announcements of 21.02.2022 regarding the removal of all Covid legislation, we’ve had a team meeting about how to proceed with our trading arrangements.

Short Version: We are going to carry on as we are: showroom by appointment only, home visits with our current protocols in place.

“If you are careful with people, they will offer you part of themselves. This is the big secret.” - Eve Arnold

Our decisions on how we have worked since re-opening in June 2020 have always been based around the one focus- keeping our customers safe.

None of our team have had Covid, which means we are sure that we have not passed anything on to our customers either in the showroom, or in their homes.

As everything is guidance only now, we feel it is our responsibility to continue to do this.

It was, and continues to be, a big decision to control entry into our showroom - no retailer wants to refuse entry to a potential customer! However, feedback from our customers over the last two years has been superb, for which we are extremely grateful and helps immensely in our decision- making.

Same with our home visits - by you not being in the room when we are working, by allowing us to wipe down surfaces before leaving, by our wearing masks when we visit, we feel we are doing all we can.

Remember, we may be your only trade visit that day, but you could be one of a dozen homes we are visiting.

If you have any questions on our protocols, or wish to have a chat about our processes, please feel free to contact us in the usual ways.

We are always here to help you

Maxine, Neil and the team at Bespoke Blinds & Poles



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