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  • Maxine Hayter

IRL - Illuminating?

This past two weeks have been quite illuminating for all the wrong reasons.

  1. One of our suppliers “upgraded” their website ordering system, and invoicing system 4 months ago. We are still dealing with the fallout.

  2. Another supplier “upgraded” their ordering system at the beginning of June. We are still dealing with the fallout.

  3. We have transferred business bank accounts recently, after over 10  years with the same bank. The reasons for doing this were innumerable, but two weeks on - guess what? Yep, still issues relating to leaving them.

  4. Friday 28.06.2024 - major High Street banks hit with payment issues- see link here


There are many reasons why businesses have processes and, in the main, things work; and change always comes with a few hiccups, whilst everyone unlearns old habits and relearns new ones.

However, I would argue that in all these cases, the issues are caused by someone with no/ little knowledge of a working business, making changes based on what they’ve been told to do, and with no thought to impact on their customers.

This is one of the main reasons why we have a showroom - we are real, we are here, and you can see us, talk to us, and touch the products ( if you want to touch us, you can - let’s keep it to a handshake!)

Wouldn’t you rather see someone and discuss your requirements, rather than listen to “your call is important to us” and “you may find the answer to your call on our website” on repeat?

Image showing a skeleton on hold - your call is very important to us!

I’m still waiting for a system that smiles at you when you ask a question, laughs with you when discussing life, makes suggestions based on your thoughts spilling out, and helps you change direction when you spot something you had never considered.

Until then, we are the human touch, and we are proud to be here.  Why not book an appointment and find out more?


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