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  • Maxine Hayter

How long will it be?

Ah, the million pound question….

The last two years have had quite the impact on supply chains around the world, and providing a lead time for order to delivery is harder than it’s ever been.

Even though very little of our product is made in China (remember the Ever Given container ship turning sideways in the Suez canal? Good times…), some suppliers source components from there; also factor in Covid in factories, plus general increases in enquiries, fabrics running out of stock or being faulty when they are checked- it’s our own perfect storm of a backlog.

Here at Bespoke Blinds & Poles, we aim to be as honest with people as possible. We speak to all our suppliers regularly regarding lead times, and book provisional installation dates based on this (ever-changing) information. Estimated lead times are provided at the point of estimate, on the quote after measuring, and at the point you pay your deposit; always provisional, always explained.

We know it’s difficult, because we are the same - once you’ve made your decision, you want it ASAP! We will try and keep the delay to a minimum, and explain why it has had to happen (although pretty much everything falls into one or more of the above reasons). Sometimes we will know weeks in advance, sometimes it may only be a couple of days’ notice. It’s frustrating, but it’s a current situation, and it doesn’t look likely to change soon.

We feel very lucky that our customers take delays with good grace (all the time, never had anyone complain), and some cases they’re also grateful, as the decorating is not finished/ windows haven’t arrived when expected etc!

But if you’re looking for a quick turn around, guaranteed dates and times, I’m afraid we can’t promise anything.



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