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  • Maxine Hayter

Can I Have A Quote, Please?

Happy New Year everybody! We hope you’ve enjoyed and indulged, and are ready to face 2022! Our new year’s resolution is to keep our blog up to date, as our last post was 2020!

Our first for 2022 is about estimates versus quotes.

If you’ve spoken to us before, you’ll know we provide an estimate before providing a quote- but why?

Simply put- an estimate is a “best guess” for costs, whilst a quote is a legally binding document for the period of time stated on the document.

When you visit our showroom or contact us for a “quote”, we will always clarify that the first step is an estimate. This allows you to consider multiple different options- whether in style of product, different materials etc- and see an overview of how small changes can impact on price.

These are provided either in-store, or by you providing rough measurements, your postcode and the type of product you are considering. Estimates are ball park figures, and supplied unseen before a home visit - therefore subject to change.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, finalised your choices, you can book a home visit, where we take our own measurements, fine tune the details, and provide a written quote - a fixed price. This will have a date of presentation, and date/timeframe for expiry, plus any other notes/considerations that are relevant to the quote. It will state what is being provided, what work will be carried out (and in some cases, what will not). The only exemption to changing a quote is if there is a manifest error in the price (e.g. we should have typed £2,000 but we mistakenly typed £200!).

So, when you first contact us asking for a quote, that’s why we explain the first figure provided is an estimate.

Both estimates and quotes are provided free of charge (within our working area), but please remember that once quoted, the sizes remain our property until the order is installed and paid in full. They are not available beforehand.

If this prompts you to get in touch, have your window sizes, postcode and type of product required to hand, and we’ll do the rest.

Don’t forget the showroom continues to operated “by appointment only” to ensure a safe environment for our customers. Visits can be booked in advance to make sure of entry. You will have the showroom to yourself, to ensure maximum spacing and attention.

Contact the showroom NOW to book your place in-store.

Appointments are available Wed/ Thurs/ Fri 10am- 8pm, Sat 10am- 4pm



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