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  • Maxine Hayter

Dawning of the Awning 2.0

This extended heatwave has thrown people - we’re just not used to it.

As the sun continues to shine, the benefits of external shading stopping heat hitting glass is becoming the “hot” topic in the showroom.

July last year, we told you about the benefits of an awning on here.A year on, what’s stayed the same, and what’s changed?

“With the trend for more glass in homes on the increase, awnings are fast becoming a go-to product to keep the heat out of a room, and protect flooring and furnishings. Awnings also allow you to enjoy your garden in comfort, even when the sun is beating down.” (July 2017)

This is still the same and more so.

Bi-fold doors are the builders’ “must-have”, in order to make a new build more attractive. That is a LOT of glass to cover when the some hits it.

The big change is operation; no longer simply crank rod or remote control, your awning can be controlled by app and even voice instruction. Imagine, you’re out for the day, the heat starts to build up, and you simply touch a screen to ensure your awning rolls out to shade your window and protect your furnishings.

The new awning at the showroom offers all these option, so why not pop along and have a demonstration?

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