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  • Maxine Hayter

Power Up!

Powerview Silhouette Blinds

Back in the day(!), when remote control first made an appearance, the remote was attached to the TV with a wire. You had to either sit closer, or get up and walk over to use it! Anyone under the age of 35, we kid you not…

Fast forward to 2017, and the array of motorisation options and controls is huge.

  • Want to control your blinds or curtains with a remote control - of course you can.

  • Want to set your blinds on a timer so the open and close at set times? No problem.

  • Want to control your blinds with your phone or tablet from anywhere? Sure.

Battery motorisation is the most popular option for most products, as you don’t have to hide wires.

The simplest version consists of a rechargeable battery pack, 1no charger and 5-channel remote control, and will work with roller blinds or the popular Vision roller blind (allows greater light and privacy control).

Luxaflex Pebble Controller

The latest models are PowerView (Luxaflex), and TaHoma (Somfy).

These allow you to operate via a remote control, pre-set opening and closing times, offer a sunrise/ sunset setting (ideal when you are away on holiday), and – as already stated - can be operated with your phone or tablet.

As always, we have all these options are on display to view and discuss ( we also have several remote controls, if you want to play)

For more information, and an idea of price, visit our Sheffield showroom with approx. window sizes, and we’ll do the rest.

Powerview Duette Blinds from Bespoke Blinds & Poles

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