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  • Maxine Hayter

Hayfever: Not to be sneezed at!

Pollergen Blinds from Louvolite

Approx 16million people in the UK suffer from hayfever.

If you do suffer, you understand the frustration- itchy swollen eyes, sniffling, bloated face, hives. At best, frustrating; at the very worst, debilitating.

As blind suppliers, it is our nature to cover a window; and Louvolite (one the UK’s leading blind fabric suppliers) has worked hard to bring out Pollergen - a fabric coating which can “de-nature*” up to 50% of pollen when the two come into contact.

So, you can have your window open, your roller blind down, and (hopefully) sleep a little easier throughout pollen season.

Currently available on 49 fabrics within both roller, vertical, pleated and panel collections, you can choose from plains, patterns, textures to suit your room- including some superb children’s designs, blackout materials and voiles.

For more information, and an idea of price, visit our Sheffield showroom with approx. window sizes, and we’ll do the rest.

*For more information about the de-naturing of pollen, please read Development of Allergen Denaturing Agents.

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