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  • Maxine Hayter

Utterly Fabulous Shutters

One of the most popular products for home furnishings is a set of plantation shutters. Simple to maintain, with adjustable louvres sitting in opening panels, the offer a greater degree of flexibility than traditional blinds.

Whether you live in a newly built apartment, or a centuries old cottage they bridge the divide between traditional and modern.

Inherently child-safe (not looped cords), with several ranges offering a hypo-allergenic option, they are ideal for children’s rooms.

There is a range of materials to suit most budgets, and two of our materials are assembled in the UK, offering a 4 week turnaround from ordering (all other materials are Chinese, and are 10-12 week turnaround).

Shutters offer “kerb appeal” to a home, and bring a perception of security to your home; and with the growing trend for more glass in a home, they reduce noise and night, and can fit most shapes and sizes.

For more information, and an idea of price, visit our Sheffield showroom with approx. window sizes, and we’ll do the rest.

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