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  • Maxine Hayter

The New Pirouette Blind

The new Pirouette blind will have you spinning with delight!

As the main dealers in Yorkshire for Luxaflex Blinds (UK), we are always thrilled when they launch a new product.

There is nothing wrong with the original players- rollers, verticals, venetians, romans-, but it is nice when something a little different comes along.

Luxaflex Pirouette addresses our continuing desire to control both light entering our home, and our privacy.

Raising and lowering like a roller blind, the fabric vanes open to create a soft, almost floating effect, in sheer fabrics. They look gorgeous on the inside and also enhance the view outside. Recognising our urge to add colour to our homes, this new range has been launch with a superb palette of colour choices, textures and two vane widths.

As with many of Luxaflex’s blinds, the Pirouette can be control by PowerView battery remote control, with the option to programme pre-set opening/ closing times , and control off site by app control (manual control is standard).

As always, we have a display blind ( and it’s a big one!) and the full fabric range in our Sheffield showroom. All you need to do is call in. For an idea if price, bring in your approx. window measurements.

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