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  • Maxine Hayter

Bay Day

Bay Windows: all sorts of shapes, sizes, angles, curves. Adding style and space to a home - but how on earth do you hang a pair of curtains on them?

Solution: a curtain pole or curtain rail.

What is the difference?

Think of a curtain pole like a decorative picture frame. The curtains hang underneath, so it is always on view. Ends (finials) can be as simple or as decorative as you want. Colours and finishes are across the spectrum, there are multiple diameters available.

Think of a curtain rail like a clip- frame: more and function than form. Mostly flat, in a few colours, they are only on view when the curtain is open, the curtain heading hiding it when they are closed.

Most bay windows have at least one option of each available to them. For bay windows, we only work with aluminium or nickel composite (no plastic here, thank you).

Hand drawn is the most popular, but if your bay window has furniture in it, or you fabric is a light colour or delicate, or you simply want to know your curtains hang beautifully when closed (there is always someone in a family who flings them shut, with no thought as to how they look!), consider corded or motorised.

For more information, and an idea of price, visit our Sheffield showroom with approx. window sizes, and we’ll do the rest.

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